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Guerri Stevens
June 1st, 2005, 09:21 PM
Dodi, of course you can save the messages from Coryphaeus to a separate
file, but you have to either do so one by one _or_ by segregating them
somehow. I was really hoping you would post your macro or the details of
your procedure.

One thing that I think would work, and fairly easily, is this:

The Coryphaeus messages have, in the subject line, "[coryphaeus]" as the
first item. Note: I am responding to a message of yours posted on May 27
and I think that now (June 1) this will be [dixonary].

Ctrl+V gets you to the View screen in TAPCIS.

Putting an ampersand (&) in front of the Subject item and putting
"[coryphaeus]" without the quotes to the right of "subject" will isolate
the Coryphaeus messages.

You can then select all with Ctrl+A or use the Select menu and choose All.

Then you can use V (not Ctrl-V) to move the selected messages into the file
of your choice.

Exit from Email with Alt+F7 rather than plain F7, and TAPCIS will delete
the Cory messages from the MAIL.MSG file and you'll be left with all other

I have not tested this procedure nor have I created a macro for it. I
suggest that if you want to try it, you first make a backup copy of the
MAIL.MSG and MAIL.~SG files.

You could also save the view for reuse and/or make a macro.

The file into which you moved the messages can be read by TAPCIS and TAPCIS
will determine what you've read, replied to, etc. in the normal way.

I know that TAPCIS is a powerful program. I was around when it was created
and participated in the testing.


P.S. I have considered off and on creating something, either an external
program or a macro, but probably the former, to massage the Cory messages,
finding the sender's name, and inserting it, probably as the first line of
the message. I think, though, that some messages don't have the "From" in
the junk at the end. Anyway, since coming back after a short vacation and
finding over 200 messages in my Mail, mostly Cory messages, the idea is a
little more appealing.

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