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Paul Keating
June 1st, 2005, 09:59 AM
> When we deal, will we be posting in more than one place?
> Or will dealing here be reflected in tapcis.com?

You can post in tapcis.com, or in the Yahoo group, or send email to
the list <coryphaeus (AT) yahoogroups (DOT) com>. You only need to do one of

(This wasn't initially true this round but that was because the echo
wasn't switched on yet.)

If you post in tapcis.com, that posting will be reflected in Yahoo,
but only after the hourly pass. Dealers will need to take this into
account when closing polls.

Suppose a dealer chooses to post in the Yahoo group. If the deadline
is 11pm and the dealer wants to have the results tabulated and posted
by 11:10pm, then he/she will need to check on tapcis.com that there
aren't vote messages there waiting to be echoed at 11:15.

If a dealer chooses to post on tapcis.com, or via email, the same sort
of caution is required. That is because some members report longish
delays between posting a message in Yahoo and having it turn up in
their mailbox. (For me the delay has always been of the order of a
minute, but some messages here talk about hours.)

As a rule of thumb, until we can get a handle on it,

-- if dealing on the Yahoo group, your actual cutoff is the first
quarter hour following the deadline (or else check on tapcis.com for
last-minute messages), and

-- if dealing on tapcis.com or via email, you can't determine a safe
actual cutoff, because we don't know how long the delay can be, so
check on Yahoo for last-minute messages.

This only affects dealers.

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