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June 1st, 2005, 08:38 AM
The following coryphaeus poll is now closed. Here are the
final results:

POLL QUESTION: I propose to change the subject tag of this group. Currently
all messages have [Coryphæus] in the subject, but to reflect
the group's expanded role as a venue for the game, this
should probably be something else. The only drawback of the
change is that if you have set up an email rule to put
messages from this group is their own folder, you'll need to
amend the rule.

- Dixonary, 7 votes, 87.50%
- The Parlor, 0 votes, 0.00%
- I use the web interface so I don't see subject tags, 0 votes, 0.00%
- No preference, 1 votes, 12.50%
- Don't change it, 0 votes, 0.00%

- Dixonary
- rtoll (AT) uoguelph (DOT) ca
- widdis (AT) gmail (DOT) com
- hugo (AT) perFact (DOT) info
- billhirst (AT) comcast (DOT) net
- email (AT) judyandstu (DOT) com
- marijke (AT) maths (DOT) bham.ac.uk
- Tim.Bourne1 (AT) ntlworld (DOT) com
- The Parlor
- I use the web interface so I don't see subject tags
- No preference
- dcunningham47 (AT) yahoo (DOT) com
- Don't change it

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