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Guerri Stevens
June 1st, 2005, 09:37 AM
Dan, I am coming in late on this and may have missed a couple of switches
or changes and definitely have not yet read most of the discussion.

At the moment I am replying to your message dated May 31 at 2:11 a.m. my
time. I am having the messages automatically sent to my CompuServe Email
address and I am reading my Email with TAPCIS. Your message shows up with a
"From" line of:

"Daniel B. Widdis" > INTERNET:widdis (AT) gmail (DOT) com

However, a reply to your message from Judy Madnick, dated May 31 has the
"from" line:

INTERNET:email (AT) judyandstu (DOT) com

Note that Judy's name doesn't appear in the "from" line. I don't know
whether Judy sent her message as a regular Email or whether she replied to
your message or what. In any event, her name is not in the from line, as
yours was in your message. So if the intent was to display the sender's
NAME as well as the Email address, it is not working. Or at least it's not
working if one was hoping to have people's names appear and eliminate the
need for signing messages. It may be that Judy doesn't have her public (or
visible or whatever) name set up within the group and therefore her name
doesn't appear.

Hmm, in a later message I noted a comment saying that showing the sender's
Email address mitigates the need for signing a message. I disagree. Email
addresses can be anything and may have no obvious connection to a person's
name. I like to see the name, someplace. I'd rather see John Alden than
earlysettler (AT) myisp (DOT) com.

I suspect as far as the TAPCIS software is concerned, this may be moot. In
my case, once the TAPCIS forum closes, I will probably cancel my CompuServe
account and switch to a different Email address. At that point, I will not
be using the TAPCIS software to read Email, obviously.


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