View Full Version : [Dixonary] Round 2669: PSEUDISM [Progress]

Paul Keating
December 20th, 2015, 12:26 PM
So far, thirteen definitions have been received, from the following players:

Tony Abell, John Barrs, Dave Cunningham, Steve Graham, Keith Hale, Tim
Lodge, Judy Madnick, Shani Naylor, Mike Shefler, Nancy Shepherdson, Guerri
Stevens, Dick Weltz and Daniel Widdis.

If your name is in the list, this posting should come as no surprise,
because you will have received an individual acknowledgement, except for
Dave Cunningham, whose ISP (AT&T) has decided that my ISP (Dada) is a
source of spam, and bounced my ack. But if your name is not in the list, it
probably indicates that your def is trapped in a spam filter, rather than
nondelivery. If you simply resubmit your def, the resubmission may suffer
the same fate. Instead or as well, please draw my attention to the problem
in a public message.

The word, in case you missed the initial posting, is PSEUDISM:
capitalization is not significant. You still have twenty-two hours to
submit your fake definitions for this word, which you should of course send
me by email, to define.pseudism (AT) boargules (DOT) com.

The deadline for submissions is on Monday 21 December 2015 at


09:00 PST (in the morning)

10:00 MST

11:00 CST

12:00 EST

17:00 GMT/UTC

18:00 CET for me

19:00 SAST, and

on Tuesday 22 December 2015 at


04:00 EDT in Melbourne, and

06:00 NZDT in New Zealand.

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