View Full Version : [Dixonary] Round 2668 Word Announcement: ECHELICH

Tim Lodge
December 16th, 2015, 04:38 AM
After a 17-round rest, here I go again.

The new word is:

* *
* *

Please send your fake defs and DQs to me by email to dix (AT) timlodge (DOT) co.uk
(please NOTE CHANGE) before the deadline of:

19:00 CET on Thursday 17th December
or 18:00 UTC/GMT for the dealer
or 1:00 PM EST
or 10:00 AM PST
or 05:00 AEDT on Friday in Melbourne
or 07:00 NZDT on Friday in Wellington

New players are welcome. Don't look up the word, but just send me a fake
and fanciful definition.

-- Tim L

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