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Daniel B. Widdis
May 31st, 2005, 01:03 PM
On 5/31/05, Marijke van Gans [PG2002] <marijke (AT) for (DOT) mat.bham.ac.uk> wrote:
> Could somebody remind us how it *actually* works *here*, now --- who does
> Reply go to, and who does Reply to All go to? I have but little Yahoo!
> experience and am a bit confused on that now <g>.

For the moment, Reply goes to individual, Reply to All (for those who
have it) goes to the group.

However, I believe that Paul will soon (please) change it back to the
way it has been up until 10 hours ago, where both Reply and
Reply-to-all will go to the group, and you'll have to manually type in
an address to send a private message, and you'll have to sign your
messages, too.

> FWIW it's probably moot for this message, replying to digest view (and i can
> *see* in the header that it just goes to the list). Talking about replying
> to digests, is there some magic header i can include to make it fit in the
> thread in response to a specific message (for those using threaded views)?

I don't think replies to digests will do that. They'll probably
create a "new thread" in the forum. I expect TAPCIS replies will
probably create new threads, too. When receiving individual messages,
many modern clients keep track of some internal tracking number of the
message to which they are a reply, which lets threading programs keep
track of it.

But I think we can live with that -- it happened often enough in the
TAPCIS forum for various reasons.


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