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May 31st, 2005, 11:17 AM

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Description of the group:
Welcome to the Dixonary group!
Dixonary, for those who don't know, is an online version of the
parlour game otherwise called Balderdash! or Fictionary. This
game began in the Tapcis forum on CompuServe in 1989. But
CompuServe closed its old-style forums in May 2005. The Tapcis
community moved to its own website, tapcis.com .
The game moved here, and there is also a Yahoo! group for Tapcis
forum members whose interests lie elsewhere than with Dixonary.
It is tffkat (the forum formerly known as Tapcis).
This group was originally set up to offer support and downloads
for Coryphæus, a program that automates some of the
administrative work involved in dealing a round. But its role is
now to support all aspects of the game.
You will find the rules of the game in the Files section under
Game Rules and Advice . Also in the Files section are the dealer
support programs: Coryphæus ,
and Dixomatic .
In the Database section you will find a searchable list of words
used in prior rounds.
In Links you will find links to online dictionaries.

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