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September 5th, 2005, 10:16 PM
When I heard that TapCis was no longer going to be able to access Compuserve, I had not used it for awhile. Then came my move, then came the broadband connection and it seemed too much trouble to see if it would work with TapCis. So, essentially, I was using Compuserve for email. I tried to convince myself that it was a good backup, in case my ISP suffered meltdown.
Then came what seemed to be my annual Christmas PC meltdown. At least this time, I later found out for certain it was a virus. And this time I followed through on the promise I made to myself the first time I spent weeks restoring my computer. "Next time this happens, I'm going to buy a Mac." So I did. Along the way I ended my 10 year plus run with Compuserve.
This weekend was housecleaning days: I got my old laptop to function: my 386SX had given up the ghost. I restored my old Money Counts (funny thing, it had to run in DOS, Windows 95 couldn't handle it) ran the reports I needed and sneaker-wared them to the Mac. I brought over what else still seemed important and then today went through old PCs, hardware, diskettes and manuals. Mainly DOS based applications, I had been stubborn about this new-fangled Windows thing. Most of it is heading for recycling or the trash. About 10 pounds of 5 and a quarter inch floppies. I didn't bother to weigh the 3 and a halfs. For old times sake, I saved two versions of the TapCis manual and my PC-Write manuals. Back in the old days, some software people actually mailed out newsletters. What a quaint time the early 90's were!
The office looks a lot less cluttered. A job that's been hanging over me for months is done. And it brings home what I already knew. Equipment becomes obsolete and breaks. Data media becomes incompatible with new equipment. Computers aren't made for longevity.
I'm glad to have been told about this site.

September 6th, 2005, 01:20 PM
Welcome! If you remember the TAPCIS forum you'll feel right at home here. But do take a look around in 'Sec 1', as this forum format isn't quite the same.

- Jeff