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  1. Keeping in touch...
  2. Jeff still around?
  3. In case you're wondering....
  4. OLR folks knocked on CIS
  5. Paellaing myself in Spain
  6. Looking for These People
  7. Housecleaning day
  8. Communties formerly on CompuServe
  9. Netscape / Compuserve Forum Center
  10. web address for forum center on compuserve
  11. UK Current Affairs Forum (aka UK Politics Forum)
  12. web sites of former CS forums
  13. I just couldn't resist...
  14. DTP Forum has a Facebook page
  15. It has been a while.
  16. Has anyone heard from...
  17. How's everyone doing?
  18. NZ Quake
  19. Wayne Habberstad
  20. Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?
  21. Kathleen Tinkel