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The Tapcis Forum's "farewell to Compuserve" message...

July 19, 2004

hourglassTapcis' time is running out...

To all Tapcis users,

It is with an enormous amount of pride that we here on the Tapcis staff look back at the many years that this little bit of DOS software has done yeoman's service to the online community in so many ways. So it is with an enormous amount of sadness that we announce that upcoming changes to the forum software used by CompuServe will make it impossible for Tapcis (and all other OLRs) to continue as an access method for the forums.

In the coming weeks, in phased stages, the forums will be shifted away from the interface that allows Tapcis to access the messages and files, and onto new software that will be entirely web-based. The new software's features are outlined in a number of messages you can find in various forums, for example:

Msg # 144731 in GO MONEY
Msg # 1322273 in GO PHOTOFORUM

We have been promised that we will be able to be here, to provide guidance and assistance and support, to all Tapcis users who need assistance in accessing the new forum software as and after the forums are moved over to the new software. Once all the forums have been moved to the new software, the Tapcis Forum will close. That will not be for some weeks, but it is clear that the clock is ticking... the sands of Tapcis' time are running out.

We all knew, long ago, when the online world started moving away from proprietary systems to the web, that our Tapcis days were numbered. Nobody then ever could have dreamed that we would have lasted even as long as we have. It's been a wonderful, wacky, marvelous run and we have loved every minute of it.

The Tapcis Forum Staff